Code for COP22


In the framework of COP22, #SuperCoders invited children from all over the world to create games or animations in order to raise awareness about environmental protection.


This challenge, open to girls and boys aged 6 to 16, is now closed after having accommodated around 130 projects. Thank you to all the competitors and congratulations to the winners!

Run a wind turbine by blowing on the PC screen (Nicolaï & Augustin, France), fight a monster that dumps waste on the city (Stan, Cameroon), answer a quiz on the environment (Nathan, France) and 4 other projects from Poland, Spain, Romania and Cameroon demonstrate perfectly children's creativity and sensitivity to the environment. These are the 7 projects selected as part of the #SuperCoders Code for COP22 Challenge.

Their authors won a Thymio robot each to further develop their #SuperCoders skills and become, thanks to digital tools, the 3.0 citizens of the world of tomorrow.

Find these projects on the Scratch Code for COP22 studio (click on the image below) and search for the projects titled:

Wind maker   /   TrashBot   /   Quiz on the planet   /   ratujmy ziemie    /   recicled wars   /   Future school games   /   compost collector



Find also the last year’s distinguished projects

Thymio is a small robot that allows children to discover the world of robotics and learn the language of robots.

They can program it and carry out many experiments with. With Thymio, programming and the basics of robotics become affordable notions at all ages.