#SuperCoders, why ?

This gives young people the opportunity to participative (not only in the digital sphere, but in other areas too). This approach has the advantage of getting them to experiment with mutual support, collaboration, creating things together and commitment, all of which underpin digital culture.

As witnessed by Grégoire Khatchadourian, Orange employee, organizer and manager of an international network of #SuperCoders coaches of Orange volunteers.

“As an instructor myself, I take part in a dozen coding introduction workshops a year. What motivates me personally is the pleasure of passing on a love of science and IT. We talk a great deal about the need for online safety and the inherent risks in the technology, but we tend to forget the benefits! Thanks to #SuperCoders, some instructors who work as developers can at last have the opportunity to show people some aspects of their work. Above and beyond the technology, for me, #SuperCoders is also a way to pass on a taste for intellectual effort. In these events, the youngsters are not consumers, but creators. The real reward comes when you see that the lines of code, often too rapidly associated with the dry-as-dust world of techies and hackers, also raises smiles, creates a lovely atmosphere, and is sheer good fun!”

The #SuperCoders initiative is fully in line with Orange policy on young people and families. With its proposal to offer guidance to everyone so as to build confidence in the digital world, Orange is accepting its responsibility as an operator. And this support is provided at two distinct levels: to young people, so that they themselves get involved with digital technology, and to parents, to make them more aware of digital issues. This is what is behind Orange’s  “Better Internet for Kids” (BIK) program, which offers a range of tools, services and support to give parents the power to take action and to offer their children the best of digital technology.