These are the cornerstones of the #SuperCoders program. Without their personal investment, this international event could not have become a reality. Around thousands of employees of the Group embody the human and digital dimension of hundreds of workshops in around twenty countries, with thousands of young #SuperCoders engaged.

For this very reason, some countries have decided to express gratitude to some of them for their commitment! And through this, obviously, all coaches are honored.

Congratulations and thank you to all #SuperCoaches!

For 2016, the following coaches have been nominated Javier Díaz Joya and Victor Suarez (Spain), Samer Tadros and Ali Abou El Magd (Egypt), Hamdi Bouaffoura (Tunisia), Sughanda Chandan (India), Aissatou Monnier (12 years old ! – Senegal), Abdoulaye Sidibe (Mali), Antonio Cerasuolo (Italy), Joëlle Le Saux and Guillaume Sauvage (France).

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Alongside the quality of individual investment, some entities in member countries have engaged in the #SuperCoders program in a special way, particularly by adding an additional dimension to the project.

This year, the following countries have been distinguished:

Mali, for the dynamism of the organizers and the number of initiatives created in 2016 throughout the country (more than 1,000 children participated in the workshops). The workshops were offered to the children of Orange clients, which also helped to reinforce and guarantee an incomparable customer experience.

Spain, for the innovations and the quality of its pedagogical approaches: #SuperCoders Spain involved parents in the workshops in order to create and strengthen the links between parents and children through raising children's awareness of environmental issues. #SuperCoders Spain also employed the idea of asking for a used mobile as a ticket to the #SC workshops in order to stimulate the collection of used mobile phones ( “One ticket = one mobile to recycle”).

Poland, (already awarded last year), for the integration of #SuperKoderzy in the school curriculum, which adds a new dimension to #SuperCoders. Indeed, the Orange Poland Foundation has introduced #SuperCoders to schools for children aged 9 to 12. Coding is used by teachers in order to add an interactive dimension to the teaching of mathematics, natural sciences, music, media and Polish. This course is taught in a series of 5 pedagogical modules of 12 lessons each. The pilot project was launched in October 2016 in 30 schools and is expected to be deployed nationwide next year.