Code for COP23


As part of the COP23 organized by the Fiji Islands to be held in Bonn in November, children are given the opportunity to express their views and commit themselves to causes that concern them directly.


It's fun and it's for everyone

- The challenge is open to boys and girls aged 6 to 16, working at home or in coding clubs, alone or as a team.
- The aim is to create fun illustrations of environmental issues, like responsible consumption, recycling, biodiversity or global warming.
- Participants can create one or more games / quizzes / animations.
- The projects must be published on the Scratch platform before 12 November 2017.
- Each of the top 7 projects will win a Thymio robot



Thymio is a small robot that helps children discover robotics and learn robot language. They can programme it and try different experiments. With Thymio, programming and the basics of robotics are accessible for all ages.

The creations will be assessed based on their level of originality, quality of execution, and their potential impact in terms of raising public awareness of environmental issues. The children's ages will also be taken into account in the assessments.

  1. View the rules (french)


It's easy to enter

1-Open a personal account on Scratch.
Go to, and click on the "Join Scratch" tab in the top left menu.

2-Register for the Code for COP23 Challenge.
To have a chance to win a Thymio, a custodial parent or guardian must register the participant in the Code for COP23 Challenge  by sending an email to containing the following information:

- custodial parent or guardian's first and last names
- the following text written by the custodial parent or guardian: "I authorise my child to take part in the Code for COP23 Challenge, and will ensure that he or she complies with the Challenges regulations."
- child's first and last names
- child's age
- child's country of residence
- the username on the child's personal Scratch account
- custodial parent or guardian's email address

3-Download the resource kit (in the toolbox beneath) to access relevant graphics
The kit includes characters (boys and girls), scenery (town, glacier, forest/jungle, desert, sea floor, mountain) and a range of accessories (bins, all kinds of waste, a wind turbine, plane, car, bus, bicycle)

4-Design and create your game, quiz animation.
You can ask an adult for help if you need to. Work alone or as a team.

5- Publish your project before 12 November
Go to the Code for COP23 Studio and click on "Add project", then select the project to submit.

Use these examples for inspiration... and make something even better!

Earn points by clicking on the red lightbulbs to turn them into low-consumption green lightbulbs.

The bin has to catch glass objects but no other waste.


And vote for your favourites!

- go to the Code for COP23 Studio
- click on "like this project" for your favourite games and animations


Tool kit

Graphics resource kit
1) Download the kit to your computer and unzip it.
2) When creating your project on Scratch, import the graphics you want to use (characters or objects) from the Elves window by clicking on the "folder" icon. Your graphic will appear in the Scratch elements library.