#SuperCoders, what is it?

Orange is organizing the #SuperCoders initiative for 9-13 year-olds, with the aim of making children more aware of digital culture by offering them an easy and fun introduction to computer coding.

Free Coding workshops are taking place in different countries throughout the year, facilitated by volunteer Orange coaches and partner associations.

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#SuperCoders, why?

By helping youngsters to learn the basics of computer coding, first and foremost #SuperCoders offers them a fun way to discover the secrets of digital technology for themselves. This may, of course, stir up ambition, but the real issue lies elsewhere.
It is actually about showing them that digital technology is an almost boundless source of creativity and that this world is open to them, that it is not confined to other people.

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#SuperCoders, where is it taking place ?

#SuperCoders is an international event. From 4 countries in 2014, 9 in 2015, there are now 17 countries that take part of this dynamic.






Click on the country‘s names to discover their actions.

Code for COP22

As part of the COP22, #SuperCoders offers children around the world the chance to create games or animations to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment.

This challenge is open until November 10, and welcomes girls and boys aged 6 to 16. The 7 most remarkable projects will win a Thymio robot.

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